Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Bowling Shanes 12 d Stop Drop and Roll 10

We have had many good and close scraps with the SDPs, and this was no different. It was anyone's match at the halfway mark with the score on 4 - 4. I was bowling allsorts. Dave and Hunter were doing a good patch-up job. On several ends we were 2, 3 or 4 up, but opposing skip Dan would reduce our points or even take the end with nerveless driving.

We got on top with a couple of good ends, and at 10 - 6 with 3 ends to play I thought we were pretty safe. I was wrong. We went into the last end, in the last-Tuesday-of-daylight-savings gloom, level at 10-10. We had a 3 shot lead when the skips came up to bowl. Again Dan was on the money with his drive, knocking out the kitty so we had to rebowl the end.

The second time it was even darker. Dean stood over the kitty using his phone as a torch. My second shot was a corker, my best of the night, carrying the kitty and sitting about 3 inches off it. The rest of the bowls in that end were literally shots in the dark. We picked up another shot and this time Dan couldn't find the head with his drives.

Another very satisfying win. Someone suggested it might have been a semi-final, but really - who knows?

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