Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Bowling Shanes 14 d Hogs 12

Bowls has drifted by unremarked for a few weeks. We won some and lost some. Last week was a pretty comprehensive demolition of a fairly good team, so things are generally on the up.

Tonight we had classic Mervs disorganisation. Everyone arrived primed to play finals. We were drawn to play a team on the other side of the roster - obviously some sort of final. Halfway through the night word filtered through that er, no, these were not really finals. The Mervs both blamed each other, clicked their pens, twirled their moustaches and shuffled their scorecards.

In any event, we had a fine, high standard game against the Hogs. They won the first end then belted us on the second, taking a 0-7 lead. We made a courageous comeback, little by little, to get our noses in front 8-7. Their lead was extremely accurate, but after a bad start I was getting my shots into the zone too. We had several ends in a row where after our four shots the kitty was tightly hemmed in and everyone following had to choose between extremely deft draw shots or pinpoint drives to make a difference.

Dean skipped, and by his own admission had a generally average night, but it was he who won the game for us. Four ends in a row he produced the perfect shot to rescue a lost end. It's no wonder the name D. Smith is already being bandied about for the 2014 Commonwealth Games (to be hosted by Glenorchy).

We had two shots in the bag on the next end. The ertswhile lead, who was now skipping, stepped up and blew away one of our shots with a perfect drive. His next bundled the kitty into the ditch and gave Hogs 3 shots.

After 9 ends the score was 10-10. We dropped two, then picked up one to be 11-12 down on the final end. I failed to make an impression, but Dave and Hunter held their nerve to give us three shots. Dean shephered the end to a safe conclusion and we had a win, 14-12.

The Shanes responded very well to the bad start and beat a team who all bowled very well. We are looking forward to next week when the Mervs once more try to embrace the concept of "finals".

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