Monday, March 05, 2007

The Sun shines on the Planet Party

Well, the party season is over for another year. We had Marcus's Planet Party here on Sunday. It took a lot of preparation and planning, but it was all worth it, as it went off very well.

Marcus had a great time, as did all the other kids. Even the parents seemed to find it reasonably pain-free, which is not something you can always say about kids' parties. There were no tantrums, wrestling was kept within acceptable limits, and every child (over two) won a prize. Lana, one of my favourite other-people's-kids, asked me during the grape-and-spoon race "Excuse me, but will we all get a prize for doing our best?"

Marcus garnered a lot of great presents, and people even embraced the theme with the gifts - quite a few flying-type space-rockety things. Anna dressed her girls up in special space-costumes she made during the week. My Mum made planet-theme hats for herself and Dad from papier maché. Mum's just didn't come out right, so she left it home and wore a special "Milky Way" scarf instead, that came in very handy later as a blindfold for games. Dad proudly wore his silver wingéd helmet (as made famous by the Roman god Mercury).

The weather held up. We had planned a lot of indoor things as we were expecting rain, but the kids kept gravitating (side-splitting space pun) out to the back yard. We also had things for them to do out there, so that was fine. Eventually we had to herd them back in, for cake and singing and then again later for my blindfolded pin-the-sticky-star-on-the-globe game.

The aim of this game was to get the sticker as close as possible to Tasmania. Marcus cheated quite transparently and got his sticker right smack bang on the Central Highlands. His next legitimate guess wasn't bad, it was about 1000km south of Albany, WA. Blake was the winner by a few hundred km, with his sticker in the McDonnell Ranges. Ebony landed in Argentina and Lily landed in Botswana.

The guests drifted off around twelve, and we collapsed in a heap. It was only a brief lull, before leaving the kids with Mum and Dad for a couple of hours and going off to look at light fittings.

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