Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gotta love ya lampshade

Elf and I went to Globes to have a good talk to Maxine, a lighting salesperson, about the lights for our new house. Elf and I were umming and aahing, and having little debates about this shade and that globe and so forth. Maxine was very supportive of us taking our time to decide, because as she said "When you choose something, you've got to love it". I thought about this for a while, and started extrapolating Maxine's theory in my mind, applying it to taps, showerheads, curtains, doorknobs, drawer-knobs, lino, styles of gravel for the driveway...

And I think that you don't really have to "love it". You just have to like it. You must be able to afford it, it has to fit, and you have to like it reasonably well. You aren't marrying it, you are just choosing to incorporate it as a relatively small part of your house.

So I say to all young houseproud Australians - don't let anyone tell you that you've got to love your light fittings. Being warmly fond is perfectly fine.

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