Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Star of snakes

"This is a star. It has snakes on it. The snakes eat the star." These aren't great photos, but each cluster of red and yellow and brown is a group of snakes with their tongues out, all pointing into the centre. It's a great drawing.

Marcus is the youngest in his prep class. We found out yesterday that Marcus is reading at level 5, and the rest of his prep class are mostly at level 1 or 2. I think there are about ten levels they will move through in the year.

Marcus was reading a level 5 book to me this morning, and did it very comfortably. Michael snuggled in behind us so he could read it too. Since he relies on awesome memory power rather than sounding things out, he was actually skipping ahead of Marcus and telling him what things said while Marcus was working them out.

Earlier Michael had written "apple" just for fun. He got such a good reaction to this that he sat down and covered the paper in more words. He writes in big loopy lowercase letters, but it's legible, and nearly always spelled correctly.

They are both surprising and amazing us every day.

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