Friday, May 04, 2007

Email your heroes

I love this time in history. You can email your heroes. They usually email back, sometimes later the same day.

I got an email yesterday from Martin Flanagan, Australia's most interesting journalist and an all-round fantastic writer. Today I got an email from Mal Sharpe, of early-sixties San Francisco comic japesters Coyle and Sharpe. I have filed somewhere an email from Tim Lane, doyen of football commentators, and another from Greg Miller, Richmond's director of football.

I was inspired by Sally, who long ago wrote to her favourite comic artist Jim Woodring. In reply she received an invitation to visit him in the US, and evn do some inking for him. I thought to myself - wow. You can actually contact these Famous People, and they appreciate it enough to write back.

So give it a go. Think about what you really want to say, preferably something specific and not creepy, find their email address on the net, and tell your heroes that they're your heroes! Go on!

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