Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mum and Dad arrived on Friday to stay a couple of nights. The boys were delighted. On Saturday morning they climbed into bed with us as usual, then remembered there were grandparents to wake up. Elf and I lay in bed for about another half-hour listening to the amusing (but sometimes alarming) commotion from the sofa-bed next door.

Saturday was going to be a pleasant morning of noodling at home, until the phone rang at 8.45. It was Greg from Amnesty to say I was supposed to be at Salamanca Market 45 minutes ago. Yah! I got dressed and hotfooted it down there from Kingston in legal record time. I was nearly collected by a police car that was going through a red light - I saw it before I heard it.

In the afternoon Marcus and I went to his school friend Ebony's birthday party in South Hobart. It was fascinating watching the kids interact. Most of them were from school but a few were cousins or family friends. In the queue for the piñata, Ulrike from school was announcing "at my party we'll do this and at my party we'll do that. A bright eyed little guy in a Batman costume said "Can I come to your party?" Ulrike: "no - I don't know you".

Last night the grown-ups watched Little Miss Sunshine. It was a terrific film, laugh-out-loud funny and touching. Elf hated the ending, I must record. Without spoiling it for anyone, I can say that Grandad is a bit of a scamp. For instance the first time we meet him he is snorting heroin.

This morning we convoyed with Mum and Dad to the new house. Mum and Dad and Marcus and I climbed up the ladder to have a look around. Upstairs seemed somehow smaller than the first time I saw it. Elf produced a beautiful interior-decorator's orthographic drawing of our kitchen this afternoon. We have a sample book of 4517 different Formicas to choose from.

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Mal Leonard Cohen said...

You can get a Laminex that looks exactly like MDF !
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