Saturday, May 05, 2007

Knackered 22 d Red Devils 6

After a couple of weeks off it was great to climb into the net and run around like a fat idiot at indoor soccer last night. I was doubled over in oxygen debt after about 4 minutes, but we were already about 5-0 up so I felt like it wouldn't matter if I was a bit of passenger for the rest of the game. As it turned out I managed to contribute fairly well for mnost of the 40 minutes. I didnt count the goals but in the postmortem Daniel suggested I might have slotted about 11. I will humbly and modestly take this and proclaim it as fact.

It was a good hard game, with a fair bit of contact. I won a 50-50 ball against a very fit but wiry fella, and was alarmed to see him sent flying. When I looked at myself side-on in the mirror today, it occured to me that this was simple physics - I am a massive tub of lard.


Manuel said...

G'day Billy Bremner,
A little blog told me you were knocking the ball around at Bellerive on Fridays. I loll around the same nets on the Sunday Mens Orange competition with the 'Could-A-Beens. I'm impressed with your 11 goals - I can't better 9 myself.
Then again what can you expect from a tubby old man.

All the best!

chris rees said...

Well I did kick a few, but that was with a soccer ball. It's a much greater achievement scoring 9 with an orange. All the best to you and la familia.