Friday, May 25, 2007

Fish, footy and flamingos

Marcus and I are flying to Melbourne tomorrow, for a couple of days of fun. We'll go to the aquarium first, then hook up with some friends to see Richmond and Essendon play at the MCG in the annual Dreamtime match. After a late night we will take it easy on Sunday, stroll around the zoo and then fly home.

The genesis of this trip was a few months back when I was getting increasingly worried about Marcus's flying phobia. His last flight was when he was 2 or 3. He really hated it, and got quite panicky. We haven't really needed to fly him anywhere since, so he's had a chance to nurture his phobia.

I decided that if I could think of something unmissable we needed to fly to see, it might get him on a plane and over his fears. It actually worked too well - he was immediately so excited about the prospect of the zoo and the aquarium that his fears seemed to melt away. But that still left me needing to fork out for tickets. Fairly expensive therapy I suppose, buty it will be fun and as a bonus I might get to see Richmond win their first game of the season. Or not.

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