Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Knackered 6 drew with Guidos 6

This was the roughest, toughest soccer game I've played in for many years. Guidos have an uncompromising reputation and they lived up to it. I got a corked thigh about 2 minutes into the game, in a semi-intentional collision. We scored a couple of quick goals, and held them at 2-0 for a long time. I subbed off (this is the first time we have had a sub). When I came back on I was too slow to pick up the pace of the game, got caught with the ball right in front of goals and suddenly they were off the mark. It was something like 4-2 to us at halftime.

I was running badly out of puff in the last ten minutes of the match, and volunteered myself in goals. This was a mistake, as I am not very good at remembering some of the rules in the heat of battle. I gave away three penalties in quick succession. I saved the first one. With three minutes to go we led 6-4. Twice I threw the ball out over the halfway line, giving away penalties which were both slotted past me with no trouble.

I was very cross with myself for letting the team down and throwing (literally) away what would have been an excellent win. We are still on top of the ladder, but when we meet these guys again we'll be lucky to get such a good opportunity to beat them.

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