Monday, May 21, 2007

Knackered 15 d DOTWS 3

I started this game with an own goal. I managed to just get a toe on a speculative shot from DOTWS, and that was enough to divert it past Daniel in goals.

I was pretty pleased to score two at the correct end pretty quickly to get the team and myself in the black. We had no sub this week, just Daniel, Paul, Brett and I. The four of us are quite even in skill. Our fitness varies (mine varies the most) but we are all running the game out a little better each week. I have never played a team sport with such a small team, except doubles tennis I guess. The team dynamic is very good, and although I'm a newcomer I feel very welcome.

We rattled on about nine goals to one in the first half. After the break we again conceded the first goal, and DOTWS were really having a crack at us. Unfortunately for them, their keeper fumbled the ball over the line for a goal to us, and the wind was taken out of their sails. We looked at one stage like we might rack up 20 again, but fatigue set in a little and we finished with 15.

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