Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Marcus holds his own at the board

Today was Chess Tournament Day. Elf and Michael went along as volunteer supervisors and to help with transport. The only person they needed to transport was a grade 1 boy named Oscar. "So Oscar", said Michael by way of getting to know him - "are your Mummy and Daddy still married?" Gasps of horror mixed with giggles from Elf. "No" said Oscar. Ah. Off to a great start.

Marcus did very well, winning one and drawing three of his eight games. He enjoyed himself, and was sporting and gracious in victory and in defeat. The kid he beat was in grade 4 or 5. He had a gritty draw with a little chinese girl who Elf thought may perhaps have still been in nappies. She had a rook and a knight while Marcus was left with just his king, but he somehow evaded her tiny clutches to clinch a draw. We are very proud of his efforts and his composure representing his school.

The first thing he wanted to do when he arrived home was challenge Elf to another game of chess.

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