Monday, April 14, 2008

Bunking up

Imp flew off to Sydney on Saturday to meet up with Ed and the girls, who drove up from Canberra. They spent the weekend there with relatives, and this evening Imp is flying back to Hobart with Karri and Miah. Ed will drive back to Canberra and continue to pack up their life there. He will join the rest of the family here in a couple of weeks I think.

As they are all staying with us until a decent home is found, we have had to re-configure the house a bit this weekend. Actually Elf has done the bulk of it, and when I came home today downstairs was looking completely different, and in fact looking really great.

We have put the boys' beds up into bunks, which has caused great excitement and romping (illustrated above). Karri and Miah will have the back bedroom and Imp and Ed will be in the piano room/front room/rumpus call it what you will. Elf put up some Tasmanian curtains (sheets) in there today, it looks quite homely and inviting.

Stay tuned for news of extended family communal living. It's all terribly South Hobart, if you know what I mean.

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