Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mr White Boots

Marcus now has white soccer boots. They were chosen by he and I jointly. It might sound like I'm setting him up as a show pony who might be taken down a peg, but that's not it at all. In fact if you look in your neighbourhood sporting goods shop, you'll see boots are now generally white, red, fluoro green, silver or gold. When I was a kid you might have "gold" stripes on your black boots, and "gold" meant a nice egg-yolk yellow. Now "gold" actually means "shiny, metallic, apparently cast from actual gold". Even the non-metallic boots are so lustrous they look like they have been finished in automotive 2-pak spraypaint.

Tomorrow he will take them for a run around, at his second soccer practice. They are his first lace-up footwear, and he has a way to go in mastering tying them up. Each week at soccer practice someone else will be cursing my name as they tie Marcus's laces.

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