Monday, April 14, 2008

Marcus takes the field

After a long wait Marcus made his school soccer debut on Saturday. Although this is 3rd year at SHPS he didn't turn 6 until February this year, so he hasn't been eligible to play until now.

He is turning out for the Arsenal-shirted under-6 team in the 4-a-side Wallaby league. Here he is with his teammates David, Arky, Noah and Aden. Elf and I both work on soccer training day, and there is zero in the way of written communications from the coach, so we were not aware parents were supplying socks and shorts. We will do better this week.

The boys all did very well, and each of them learned as they went and made progress over the 30 minutes. Marcus ran himself ragged and was very pink-cheeked by the end. I refereed the 2nd half so I was panting a bit myself. Marcus scored all but one of his team's 8 goals, but the highlight for me was his pinpoint pass to Noah when Noah called for the ball from a better position. The other team had a boy who kicked about seven for his team too.

At under 6 level there is no scoreboard, no ladder, and no winners and losers. This is laudable, but during the three cheers etc at the end there was spirited debate between the kids as to who actually had won. As the man with the whistle I just had to say the real winner is soccer, boys and girls.

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