Sunday, April 27, 2008

South Hobart 3 drew with Waimea Heights 3 (u/6 soccer)

A couple of new boys turned out for South yesterday, Oliver and Corey. They joined established players Marcus, Noah and David. Oliver will be a thoughtful midfield general at some point in his career. Every time the ball came to him he put his foot on it, in the manner of one who is in acres of space, and waiting for a teammate to make a run. Unfortunately he was never in acres of space, and his teammates were mostly running towards him, not away. Corey had tons of determination but wasn't weighed down by knowledge of the rules. At one point when Waimea were about to take a free kick, Corey saw the ball just sitting there unattended, ran around three people and swooped on it, picking it up. He ran off towards the South Hobart goal and did a bit of a dropkick in the general direction. Everyone called to him to bring it back, and he bustled off after it, presumably to do as asked. When he got there, he again swooped, picked it up, ran over to the goalmouth and booted it into the net. He crowned his performance by turning back to face the crowd and pumping his arms in the air with elation. Everyone cracked up and there was a smattering of applause.

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