Sunday, April 27, 2008

Footy Saturation

I am feeling like a bit of a football obsessive. Having extra people around I find I am thinking more about how I spend my time. This weekend I have watched a bit of football on TV, taken Marcus to the VFL match at Bellerive (and kicked a ball around on the oval during the breaks), kicked the football out the back with Marcus four or five times, spent an hour or so looking at old football cards with the kids, checked my footytips five or six times, read a book about football for an hour or so, fallen asleep three times listening to football on the radio, and this evening (after striving to stay aloof) hung around in the kitchen, pretending to wash up, listening to the last quarter as Richmond went down gallantly to Hawthorn. Have I got a problem? I worry a bit that I am a bad influence on Marcus, who has participated in much of that list above, also pored over his football cards, an old footy Record, and the same book on football. His comprehension of what he reads is quite impressive, I suppose that's a plus.

This afternoon, we looked through my football cards (1969-1985) and found as many dads as we could of the players in Marcus' football cards (2007-8). Is this healthy?

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