Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mrs Rees, gun archer

We had our last visit to the range yesterday. From 10m Elf shot 6/6 in the bull, along with a lot fives. I started with 4 and then struggled. We moved back to 15m and Elf was still excelling. Emerson announced we were to start scoring. I was thrilled to get 10 with my first scoring shot, but things went badly after that. (The centre of the bull is 10, the outer bull is 9, inner red 8, outer red 7 etc). Elf scored 233 out of a possible 300, really very good shooting. I got 131 or something. On one "end" of 6 shots I got 2, 2, 0 (in the non scoring corner of the target butt) 0 (embedded in the wooden frame), and two more I had to retrieve from the paddock beyond. Turned out my sight had shifted itself, and I went on trusting it long after I should have checked. The wife is a dab hand with the old recurve bow and says she's considering taking it further. Don't think it hasn't occured to me that she also excelled at fencing and perhaps this proficiency with weapons should be setting off warning bells.

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