Monday, April 14, 2008

Michael kinder update

This morning I spent twenty minutes with Michael's kinder teacher Mrs McLeod for a routine teacher/parent meeting. She is very happy with how he is going, and we are delighted with how he has taken to it. He was admitted early, and so gets a bit of extra scrutiny as to whether its working out or not. He is very confident socially, and he is bringing home a lot of stories about what the other kids are doing, and he knows all their names. He's finally taking a bigger interest in crafty things now, which will delight those who have spent a lot of fairly fruitless time with Michael, string, beads and glue in the past.

Mrs McLeod said she's delighted that Michael's fascination with reading and letters is not impeding his social life - sometime bright kids are so involved in their own world they get a bit isolated. She did observe that he is very strong - he'll get hold of an idea and it will be hard to budge him. His concentration and focus is an asset but occasionally for us and for Mrs McLeod we have to oppose his strongly held views.

So in summary, it's big ticks all round and we're very glad he has started kinder this year, he's just lapping it up.

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