Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Richmond 20.10.130 drew with Western Bulldogs 19.16.130

Marcus and I watched the second half of this match on Sunday. Richmond had a stirring win the week before, and I was wary of a letdown. The Bulldogs were undefeated in four matches. when we switched on I was heartened that the Tiges were only 12 points down, and even more that they started closing the gap immediately. By three quarter time they were three goals in front! Then four goals! Wahey!!

Then reality intervened. The Dogs won it out of the centre about six times in a row. Richmond have never learned to "ice" a game, and it was honestly excruciating to watch them try. Particularly with Marcus piping up things like "never mind Dad, the Bulldogs are my second favourite team". I had a dull leaden feeling of impending defeat. In the end Richmond escaped with a draw, against a quite superior team, but it took me until late Sunday night to start to see the bright side.

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