Monday, November 24, 2008

Cricket on the television

While in Turners Beach, Marcus, Dad and I watched a bit of the first test against New Zealand. I rarely watch cricket on TV but it seemed like a pleasant way to while away a wet weekend afternoon. My timing was poor - the cricketers were off for the tea break. On Channel Nine to fill the time Mark Nicholas was gently probing elderly co-commentator Richie Benaud about his early years. I have seen less deferential interviews with HM the Queen.

Richie's mother recently passed away. [Photos of his dear old Mum]. She had lived to be over 100. [Photo of her birthday cake]. She got a telegram and certificate from HM the Queen. [Photo of the certificate]. "I took the train down to Parramatta and had a hit with third grade - of course they were called Central Cumberland in those days". He bought a three piece suit for a shilling and had enough left over to go to the talkies, etc etc.

So eventually the cricket resumed. Stuart Clark bowling for the baggy green. Tearing in, a bit of late swing, looking lively. Between balls Mark Nicholas said, without no hint of tongue in cheek: "They usually have the TV on with the sound down in the Australian rooms during the breaks. But you can bet Stuart Clark had his feet up, probably with a sports drink or a piece of fruit, and turned up the sound to enjoy those magnificent recollections from a great man. There'll be more from Richie at tea tomorrow..."

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