Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yes, they can

I felt mostly relief when Barack Obama won on Tuesday. His real battle was with the Clintons - having won that, he was never likely to lose to John McCain, especially as the financial news got steadily worse. I'll write some thoughts on Obama later. The first half of his speech was magnificent - I have heard that he sustained it to the end. To be fair McCain's concession speech was extremely gracious.

I heard that McCain chose Sarah Palin largely on the basis of the donations that were promised to flow in as a result, from the Christian right. Palin is associated with a very flaky brand of financial-fraud-based Christianity, called the Spiritual Warfare Network.
Mounting evidence suggests John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin is deeply involved with a global religious movement bent on imposing theocracies around the world and whose top leader, C. Peter Wagner, has decreed to his followers it is God's will that a forcible, massive transfer of wealth, from the 'godless' to members of his movement, take place.
Katherine Harris was a member of SWN in 2000. Who is Katherine Harris?
Katherine Harris became notorious for her role in the U.S. 2000 presidential election when Harris, then Florida's Secretary of State, ordered the Florida election vote recount shut down amidst numerous charges of election fraud and irregularity and with Al Gore trailing George W. Bush by only several hundred votes in the contest for Florida's electoral votes which ultimately went to George W. Bush and so determined the outcome of the 2000 presidential election.
So in many ways Palin was a terrible choice. All the finger-pointing from McCain aides since Tuesday is really futile - the more they rat on Palin for her ignorance, clothes spending and lack of social graces, the more they confirm that McCain's judgement was very wonky when he picked her.

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