Monday, November 17, 2008

Our relaxed leaders

The Premier [David Bartlett], Opposition Leader [Will Hodgman] and leader of the Greens [Nick McKim] are all about my age. They are stylish groovers with thumb rings and sailboards. They seem to all get on reasonably well.

This morning they were each in turn interviewed by Tim Cox on the radio, for their thoughts on the issue of the day. Nick McKim started by saying "I have just jotted some notes here Tim while I was listening to David and Wilbert..."

While on politics, I have noticed John Howard's media exile coming to an end. For starters there is the massive ABC documentary on his reign, and a Children Overboard doco on SBS. But also the man himself is popping up in real-time sound bites giving his opinion on this and that. And whenever I hear his voice I have a visceral reaction of gut-clenching distaste. Elf has pointed out that she has a similar reaction to Keating.

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