Sunday, November 23, 2008

A new feature

At top right you can see a record of where visitors to the site have come from. I assume these are mostly search engines just dropping in and logging my latest thoughts. Hi, web-bots! (I just want to pump up the low hit-rate of a few of mny fave words in Google, so bear with me while I say asparagus, prevaricate, clement, obstreperous, blimp, quoin and snib).

Good to see we have someone dropping in from St Kilda. What? Oh.


Charles said...

The German one is ours, cheers Charles, Emma, Caoilainn and Eamonn

chris rees said...

Hi gang. Eamonn? I don't think we knew about Eamonn - congratulations! Are you permanently Germanent or just passing through? I thought you were still in Cork. Great to hear from you and I hope you are all well.

Charles said...

Yeah Eamonn was born on the 2nd April this year. This is what he looked like when he was born (in Cork).

Look me up in facebook if you want to see more pics.

I've only got a 2 year gig in Germany. We're in a lovely town called Jena, which I guess is best described as right in the middle of the country (although in the old East Germany).

I love to keep up with you all on your blog - especially photos of the lads! Hope this finds you all well too, and your injury list gets a bit smaller!