Wednesday, November 12, 2008

General news

Marcus had his first ride on two wheels this afternoon. He has been riding to school regularly with the training wheels. He will have to go back to square one now, but I think he's ready. This afternoon we practised on a gentle grassy slope, where the bike would start rolling as soon as he picked up his feet. I thought this would ease him into the tricky balancing part. Next he has to learn to do it on the flat, where HE will be providing the motion himself. That might be interesting.

Marcus has been joining a Grade 3 maths class once a week to be stretched a bit. Today the Grade 3 teacher was away, so Marcus was invited into the Grade 5/6 class. From his report he was pretty comfortable there socially and had no trouble with the work. He has an amazing appetite for maths problems, and also chess problems. I may never beat him again.

A stream of consciousness from Michael, flicking through a book of flags:

Mexico has a flag like, um, Italy doesn't it? But Italy doesn't have this thing [coat of arms]. Also like Iceland. No, silly me, not Iceland, Ireland. Manatees live in Mexico. In the sea, around Mexico. Does Mexico look like this? [Draws recognisable shape of Mexico]. Manatees live ALL AROUND Mexico.

Brilliant, exhausting boys. We try very hard to live up to them and influence them in good ways but I feel a lot like we have just dug up two gold nuggets in the backyard.

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Seen this evening in Cascade Road: Beneath a huge oak tree next to St Johns Hospital, someone has arranged twigs along a low brick fence to read HAVE A HAPPY DAY.

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