Thursday, November 27, 2008


Do you listen to podcasts? I'm always on the lookout for good ones. Don't be scared off by the "pod" thing, I know not everyone has an i-pod, in fact I listen to them on my desktop computer while I work. I used to listen to just Australian Radio National shows, but gradually migrated to American podcasts. I still listen to This Sporting Life from Triple J, and I think that's about it for regular Australian material. Here is my current listening list.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (Punic Wars to WW2 and everything else) and Common Sense (current affairs). This is like a one hour ride with an affable but passionate and very well informed taxi driver, who wants to convince you that while Alexander would have outwitted Caesar in battle, Caesar actually set stuff up in peacetime, which Alexander never bothered with. And my understanding of and interest in US politics has leaped ahead since I also subscribed to Common Sense. Today I listened to an interview with a conservative history professor, talking about the benefits of the now-lost classical education. I can feel my opinions being taken out and beaten soundly like a rug, and they don't always go back to the original shape.

You Look Nice Today, "a journal of emotional hygiene". Three guys who skype to each other over the net. Witty, sharp, erudite. Recommended by the cast of...

Jordan Jesse Go. 2 manchilds. Jesse Thorn, America's Radio Sweetheart, and Jordan Morris, Boy Detective.

This Sporting Life. An Australian radio institution. HG Nelson is the commentator par excellence. Roy Slaven, the retired star who pulled on the green and gold in tennis, rugby league, surfing, golf... Also owner and trainer of two of the turf's finest conveyances, Rooting King and Princess Underpant. Sprinkled with ads for the products of their business the Slaven Nelson Group, such as Blue Light Twitching Love Logs, and The King Tide Sleepmaker (a water bed full of fish). To quote Wikipedia "Other memorable Slaven recollections have included the assistance he gave to music star Cher during her bout with chronic fatigue syndrome - which included a daily regimen in which Slaven tied Cher to the back of a car and dragged her behind it for several kilometres.

Football Weekly. Men and women talk UK and European soccer. I never actually get to see the games they talk about, and a lot of it washes over me, but the banter is so lively and the digressions quite funny that I still listen anyway.

This American Life. National Public Radio from the USA. A groundbreaking radio show that I now realise is the stylistic template for a lot of Australian Radio National programmes.

They Might Be GiantsThe band. Rare music and interviews. They also have a kids video podcast that is educational and great.

OK. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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Wendy said...

"I can feel my opinions being taken out and beaten soundly like a rug, and they don't always go back to the original shape."

I love that sentence.