Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Eyeball and spike - strange bedfellows

When we had inlaws staying with us, one of them [who will remain unnamed] broke the power button on the coffee grinder. By sheer mind-twisting coincidence, the SAME day I happened to find on the footpath a stainless steel spike about 3 cm long, that does the job perfectly. If you twist the old broken button out of the way you can press the spike down on the real recessed button hidden below.

The spike lives in a sterling silver christening cup on the bench near the grinder. Also resident in this cup is an old toy of Marcus's, the rolling eyeball. When you drop it back in the cup it lights up, and flashes for a few moments. The spike and the flashing rolling eyeball are now an intrinsic part of the coffee process - and who can say that's not a good thing?

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