Tuesday, April 11, 2006


When you have a schedule and stick to it pretty well then one day you run quite early, you notice a lot of different things. When you run late, you don't notice anything because you have your head down and you are red in the face and swearing. I was early on my walk this morning. I didnt see the old man with the dog whose head is in a lampshade-thing, but I did see a woman wearing shades and a peaked cap and carrying a huge silver open umbrella (and also walking a dog). It was not raining or overly sunny. She might have had an eye operation or maybe just conjuctivitis.

Also lots of families were sitting in cars with the doors open yelling "come on" to family members who were struggling out the door of their houses and yelling back "keep your hair on" etc. This business must be all over by 8.45 when I usually come through this area.

I saw black cockatoos and also a robin redbreast! Which perhaps is a native bird that just looks like that. Our robins are yellow aren't they? Completely tangential note: Ulverstone footy team (Essendon style jumper) are/were the Robins. Also North Launceston (same jumper) used to be the Robins before they went mainstream and became the Northern Bombers. Is this just a Tasmanian tendency? The fierce snarling robin mascot looks ridiculous.

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