Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Podcast free day

I am getting into podcasts in a big way. All day at work I am listening to people talk. I've noticed that I am missing work banter now. When you listen to music, voices from outside the headphones are able to cut through, you take them off and banter ensues. Banter is essential to a happy office.

Now I am getting to know crazy radio-twosomes in Cleveland and Oregon better than my own workmates. They are so funny, have excellent timing, and lots of little sound effects and stings to drop into the mix. If there are any dead bits where not much happens they chop them out. I can press stop and play when they get a bit wearing. They leave my work colleagues for dead.

But - my colleagues are all basically nice people and as I said, without the oxygen of banter the office will slowly die. So tomorrow I am having a podcast-free day.

How about those Tigers?

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