Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wooden Anniversary celebrated with Meat

On Friday it was five years to the day since we were married! The traditional gift is wood. The blokey thing to say would be that I bought Elf a couple of tonnes of dry East Coast peppermint. But, the truth is we decided we have too much stuff, so we are making a small donation to the Bush Heritage Fund to help them buy a parcel of threatened bush somewhere.

On Saturday we had lunch to celebrate, at The Boathouse where we had our reception five years ago. In honour of the anniversary we sat on chairs made of cane (technically a kind of wood), at a table also made of some kind of wood. The menu was printed on pulped, bleached and flattened wood and we were warmed by the merry crackle of the burning of further pieces of wood.

The food, I am happy to say, was entirely wood-free. I had a yearling beef entree that was divine. Marcus has become a vegetarian, so we are not eating much meat at home at the moment. Elf had porterhouse. We dug in like a couple of lions at the zoo after a zookeeper strike.

Marcus has rationalised his vegetarianism very well, and we have decided to just let him have his way, as long as he is prepared to eat what we serve up to him instead. He says animals are our friends and we shouldn't eat them. Its a fine sentiment and one I find challenging to debate. But that yearling beef certainly was good.

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