Friday, April 28, 2006

Kites and Flags

On Wednesday I picked Marcus up after kinder. He was very keen to fly kites, even though the wind was very light. The best kite-flying place is in fact next to the Cenotaph, so I found myself back there again. After a bit of not-very-successful kite flying, and a kick of the soccer ball, we went over to look at the flowers and the flags. I didn't really want to force Marcus to think about wars and death, but he does ask questions about such big topics all the time, so there is no running and hiding from it. He asked intelligent questions, and recognised the flag of Tasmania hanging limply in among the others. Quite a few people came to the Cenotaph while we were flying the kites. One middle-aged lady and her mother asked me if I wanted their help getting the bigger kite up in the air. We tried but then all agreed with no wind it just wasn't going to happen.

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