Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lets Read About Parasites!

Marcus has got a very big book about insects and spiders from the library and he idolises it. Its that DK kind of information overload design with incredibly detailed illustrations and tons of little info boxes and captions and pointers and explanatory wangdoodles.

Marcus Read this page!
Dad Parasitic insects lay their eggs in the bodies of other insects or mammals. When the eggs hatch there is a ready made food for the larvae. When they grow the larvae burst out through the skin of...
Michael There's a K!
Dad OK, lets read another page now.
Marcus Its sad that that bug is killing that bee. Read that!
Dad The assassin beetle stabs the bee with its long proboscis and sucks out the...
Michael That's a W!
Etc etc.

We have all learnt a lot. I won't even mention what the book calls thehuman head louse.

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