Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shanes Progress to Ultra Grand Final

This afternoon The Bowling Shanes (Tuesday Night Champions) will be meeting Ocean Child (Wednesday Night Champions) in the ultra big, mega large Southern region lawn bowls final. We actually practised in the rain last night, so I guess any pretence that its just a bit of fun is out the window now.

Merv #2 drilled us in the various finer points of our roles. As "lead", I roll out the kitty when we win the previous end. One of the subtleties of lawn bowls is that sometimes the kitty is way out, sometimes quite short. If you find your opponents have a weakness on long or short ends, then when you have the opportunity to choose the length, you choose that which makes them uncomfortable.

Last night although it was pretty dark and raining moderately hard, I was hitting the mark uncannily well for short ends. (If it is shorter than a certain point or too long and goes into the ditch, it's out of bounds, and your opponent gets to throw it out instead). We'll see how I go under pressure tonight. All the rain has made the greens very slow. It could be an old fashioned low-scoring war-of-attrition mudbath. The greens are actually being pulled up and relaid in four days so even turf damage may not be beyond the pale of gamesmanship.

Go Shanes one more.

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