Friday, April 28, 2006

Guitar duet

This evening Michael was parading around with his ukelele. "I've got the music! [this is his name for the Wiggles Tape Recorder that doesn't work] I've got my guitar! Come on!" I rallied to his cause, and found the other ukelele, and we stomped up and down a while playing random power chords. After a while we were both stuffed, so I said let's sit down. We sat next to each other and I picked out a few lame notes with a bread-tie plectrum. Michael wanted this, so I found a real plectrum. He was holding his guitar properly, strumming it properly, and now and then doing the heroic strum-up-into-the-air thing like a folkie at the end of a long banjo breakdown. I plunked along beside him. He looked very happy and said "We are playing guitar together!" It was one of those golden moments.

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