Monday, April 24, 2006

Sheep hugging cheese-eating Sunday

Mum and Dad have been down campervanning around the district, and we spent Sunday all together. We headed off down the beautiful D'Entrecasteaux Channel, to have a look at the GrandVewe sheep dairy. All their products' names are groan-inducing sheep puns.

They have terrific sheep cheeses, not just the chevre kind either. They have a sheepy blue vein and a sheepy havarti, among others. I had a nice goatmilk flat white. We bought sheep-milk ice creams for the boys. I had a taste, and it was pretty good, but at $4.50 for about a 50ml tub they aren't going to sell much when they get it into shops I don't think.

We went out to feed the sheep and one got a bit carried away and burrowed under the fence into the car park. Elf suggested I rescue it. I was a little worried about my back, but more about damaging a valuable ice-cream producing animal. I lifted it over the fence reasonably easily - it was very soft and cuddly. I hope I don't fall victim to that syndrome where fire-fighters go out lighting fires to give themselves an opportunity to be a hero. I might accidentally nudge a few sheep out into carparks so I can pick them up and give them a squish.

We continued on down the Channel to Gordon where the road does a big U and heads back up north, and found ourselves in Cygnet for lunch at the Red Velvet Lounge. The RVL is a hippyish kind of place in a great old building. It was a general store for a while but may have originally been a picture theatre. Although it's in the main street of Cygnet (bank and PO across the road) the view out the window from the toilets at the back is just cows in paddocks.

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