Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Boys reading techniques


Marcus is doing well with his reading. He sounds out words fairly well. He has a huge speaking vocabulary, so when he has sounded out half a word he has a good chance of guessing the rest. His lazy right eye is improving slowly, but it is certainly hampering him a little. He had a test with the orthoptist yesterday, and she said is seeing the beginning and end of words clearly but the letters in the middle are a bit hard for him to distinguish.

Michael is not sounding out words yet, however he has learned to read about a dozen words, mostly concerning The Wiggles.

THE, WIGGLES, JEFF, GREG, MURRAY, ANTHONY, DOROTHY, CAPTAIN, FEATHERSWORD, WAGS, and DOG he will recognise in any context, Wiggly or not. But he also likes STOP and GO, MICHAEL and MARCUS, MUM and DAD, NO, YES. I'm sure I have forgotten a few.

His pattern recognition is astoundingly good. He picked up a plastic funnel with "FUNNEL YOUR BUSINESS TO PHILLIPS" on it, and said "Stop! That says 'Stop!" It took Elf a few seconds to see it - S TO P. He does this sort of thing all the time. On Saturday I had to grab him to stop him touching a hot barbecue. The dial said "hi" and lo" - Michael was yelling excitedly "Ten!" We always start thinking he's mistaken, then gradually see it as he sees it.

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