Friday, August 18, 2006

The Influential Rees Family

I said hi to the state Treasurer yesterday. Or maybe g'day, I can't remember. He said hi to me. He and a swag of minder types were here at Roar Film to launch or announce something or other to do with optic fibre cables. This is the second time the government has done this - last time it was the State Development minister launching something to do with ICT subsidies. They seem to think we are a good look - small, creative business in a groovy old church. I was away at a parent-teacher meeting with Marcus' kindergarten teacher, and arrived back just in time to step out of the way as the suits filed out.

It reminded me of my momentous meeting with the late Jim Bacon when he was premier. I opened the front door at our office to go and get lunch, and Jim and some heavies were clustered on the doormat, having a last minute confab before coming in to brief us on some election ads. I stepped aside and held the door open, as I assumed they were about to come in. They ignored me for a few seconds, then the great man said, irritably, "Get out of the way".

Going back a few premiers before that, my sister Jacki was once dancing in some sort of extravaganza at West Park in Burnie, as Robin Gray was stomping around inspecting everything, with a scowl probably. She lost her footing while doing an arabesque or a sashay or something, and slipped to the ground. The top man stepped over her without lowering his eyes from the horizon, and continued on in his tank-like way.

So remember, if you need a favour, let the Rees family know. We'll try to mention it while we are being snubbed.

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