Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ever thought about sinks? Sorry, food preparation centres. I will quote a few brochures. The Francke Pamira is "ideal as the ultimate corner solution, and the complete food preparation centre, only imagination limits how to utilise this complete system”. I am intimidated, and feel I might fail to live up to this sink.Transform your kitchen from just a sink, to a fully functional and integrated workstation, where food preparation and a total kitchen centre are the key ingredients.

From the Abey company comes a catalogue entitled A WORLD OF SINKS. Choose from The Swan, The Daintree, The Leichardt and The Double Leichardt (both laundry troughs) The Todd, The Zenith. My favourite is The Moonee, at a compact 160x280mm it’s the perfect size for the lonely single washing up the occasional cup, plate or teaspoon.

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