Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bus adventure #3

As Elf and I both had the day off yesterday, I was able to pick up Marcus and go off for an outing while she did the 5.00 Michael pick-up. Marcus often asks if we can go on a bus ride on one of Wednesday afternoons, but we usually don't have time.

We caught the bus from kinder into town, with his very tall classmate Tamasin and her dad. Tamasin was tickled pink to have him along, and wanted to take him home but we had to defer that for another day. The four of us walked down Macquarie Street holding hands (dads on either end - we're don't know each other that well).

After fond farewells, we caught a bus to Sandy Bay beach. I discovered I had $1.40 and no ATM card, so when Marcus said he was hungry we bought ourselves one small biscuit. Fortunately I had an all-day bus ticket. We walked down to the Boat Park, and Marcus went nuts on the slides. He found many different ways to land on his bot, knees, head etc. Then our friends Greta, Eve and Thomas appeared, so we had a scamp about with them for a bit. I had promised Marcus we would have a look at the old Alexandra Battery, where I believed we would find a number of big old cannons.

There was in fact only one small cannon, which I suspect was brought from elsewhere. Marcus dutifully climbed on it. There was a very exciting sloping tunnel. When you stepped into it, there was no visible end, then after four or five brave strides the light appeared. It was narrow and about 20 metres long. Due to the lack of cannons I think it should be renamed the Alexandra Tunnel Place.

We hiked back to the bus stop, and caught a bus back to town. A few stops before the end the bussie jumped up to change the destination sign on the front. We got off at Franklin Square and I led Marcus around the corner, looking for the Strickland Ave bus to take us home. Hmm. Couldn't find it. Turned around to look back the way we'd come and the bus we'd just been on sailed past us, with its new destination STRICKLAND AVE plainly visible.

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