Monday, August 21, 2006

We have a builder

Well, we haven't signed a contract yet but we think we have him cornered. Greg Sheedy is his name, and he only builds a few houses each year. He seems like a good egg, and comes recommended by a couple of people we know in the business. His main business is constructing double-glazed windows. We are investing in a house-lot of these, in the hope that it will save us on energy bills, and also cut out the 6.05am truck traffic from Cascade Road.

We have a long list of "exclusions" that we will need to go shopping for. If we were natural shoppers, this would be the exciting part, but we aren't. I am sure we will get into it as excitement builds, and the awareness that the new house might actually happen creeps up on us.

Have I posted these impressions of the new house here? Can't remember.

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