Monday, August 07, 2006

Fine Dining

As Elf will tell you, I pronounce this "Foin Doining". She comes from a family with impeccably crisp dipthongs.

We went out to dinner on Saturday night in honour of Anna's birthday. When we thought back to our last dinner out, it was actually Anna's previous birthday. So, we have work to do on our social life.

Rob and Mel had kindly offered to look after the boys, and Marcus particularly had been looking forward to it all week. He gets on famously with their daughter Olivia, and Michael tags along with them quite happily, so we were optimistic it would work. It was a complete success - they didn't get to sleep until 9-ish becasue they were all gabbing like mad. Michael ate all his dinner, something we rarely see at home. Rob and Mel said they would be happy to do it again, so, if not for the fact we are skint, a happy phase of eating out might open up before us.

Dinner was enjoyable and tasty. We ate at the Hope and Anchor, one of the many claimants for Oldest Pub in Australia (est. 1807). One of the drawbacks of its age is obviosly fitting modern toilet facilities into the heritage-listed fabric.

To wash your hands in the gents risks being clobbered by the opening door from the hallway outside. I imagine collisions must happen, with occasional fisticuffs if the clobberer and/or clobberee are drunk or of a naturally thumpsome nature. I didn't get into a fight but I did have a terse exchange with a bloke who told me to move out into the hallway when I had not yet pulled up my daks.

However - generally a great night and something we are keen to try again.

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