Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New tools

I am writing this on a new Mac Pro. Its pretty swish - Roar Film have bought it for me to use. I've been working on my own G4 for four years, and now I can use it at home. Its good timing as our aged iMac melted down a couple of weeks ago, probably from over-exposure to the same three or four Wiggles games.

Now I have a computer at home I can conceivably work on, I can start to put into practice various ideas that have been simmering on the little gas burner at the back of my mind. I would like to do some large monitor-sized digital paintings, introduce some very slight ambient animation and make screensavers of them.

My Mac Pro is certainly fab, but while I was admiring its sleek lines and enjoying life as The Guy With The Newest and Fastest, an email arrived from MK of Summer Hill, announcing he has one too, but with every possible option ramped up to the max, knocking mine into the proverbial cocked hat. He has terabytes. Sigh.

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James Vickers said...

Congrats Chris on your Mac Pro - sounds like you will have a lot of zip at hand. But what is this about MK's (Kirkcaldie?) latest acquisition?

I am content with my little macbook pro - have discovered the joy of an external monitor though. I did the Boot Camp thing and it took me literally 24 hours to get a successful installation of Windows XP. Took it off about 24 hours later as the crappy interface deeply offended me.