Thursday, August 24, 2006

More about Haier electrical goods

All the following comes just from their top-loading washing machine range. I am saving the rest of their product descriptions for special treats when I am feeling low. These have not been translated by me, they are right there on the site. I am not intending to mock - I am awestruck by what engineers can do. But they do need a bit more help than they are getting to describe it in English.

Unique sculpt and Fuzzy control and changeable program.
Sweet Face outlook make you washing breezily
more efficient wash Fuzzy control, convenient operation Soak wash
Plastic inner tub, stainless forever
Easier operate as designer with Top-head
21 century new science and technology, full plastic shell, never rustiness.
Strong and weak currents for selection
Wash with water bubbles, explosive clean
Wide-rang voltage design, defying any voltage wave.
With functions of washing, rinsing and spinnning, and selecting different programs as per the dirt degree of the laundries.
Music buzzer technology.
Big cubage, saving space
Design by jumpness and streamline
Basinning pulsator
Design of braille
Limitation design technique(the distance among inner tub,outer tub and shell is the least)
Mini magical child having big capacity, wind dryer function
New luxury top lid, enjoy happy life .
Popular appearance design makes your washing more pleasant
With the circumrotate of the Basin type pulsator produce strong water flow and the concave basin design can reduce the tough of the clothes and the pulsator, lower the abrasion effectively
Popular appearance design makes your washing more pleasant
With memory when breaking off

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