Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Bowling Shanes Prem. Def. 13 d The Bowling Shanes A 6

Difficult mizzling conditions. Derby game against juniors. In the absence of Dave (buttock strain, 1 week) young Andy made step up playing against old team-mates, acquitted himself well in the big league. I applied some physical pressure to young Richie, skip of the A, with a shoulder charge at change of ends. Put him off his game for the duration - he is contemplating stepping down from the top job.

Hunter skipped the undefeated Shanes Prem. Def. as we established a 9-1 lead that was unassailable in the conditions. I bowled pretty consistently and was happy with my contribution, except that I stepped in and started removing bowls at what I thought was the close of an end, when there was one bowl left. I had moved one and was reaching for the second. I was on my way to the clubhouse to tender my resignation when I was called back and persuaded to continue playing.

So, the A have been tempered in the flames of a complete baking from the seniors. They will be a better side, and individually better people for it.

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