Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chonk pops the question

Elf's brother Chonk (Edwin) has finally proposed to Irma, the Swiss-Texan, and she has accepted! We may be on our way to a wedding in Switzerland! Or Texas. Next year! Or the one after. When the fog in the crystal ball clears we will be able to plan something. Hopefully the boys will be pulling in $$ as child models or chess prodigies or something by then.

In further news, the house that was our home will be rent asunder and trucked away on Thursday morning, 23rd November. We are going to be in position to watch some of it I hope. Will it scar the boys mentally? I really hope not.

And my mum and dad and my niece Pip will be arriving tomorrow to stay the weekend with us, which should be fantastic. As long as the snow stays away.

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Mal Leonard-Cohen said...

Why don't they meet half way and get married at Alpenrail ! It's a little bit of Switzerland, and it's in Abbotsfield...the Texas of Glenorchy.