Tuesday, November 07, 2006

OId diary notes

In the moving process I found a diary from 1995/96. Here are a few entries.

22/4/95 [Christchurch NZ] OK Flight. Spectacular Mt Cook and glaciers. Sharing room with old japanese man. Went up gondola - dark, not great. Excellent silver tussock grass. Odd cars. Say "hooray" for goodbye. Bit worried about VISA. Choc and pumpkin muffin.

24/4/95 [Kaikoura NZ] Out of bed at 5.45. Must get alarm, I was waking up on the hour. Fought to stay awake on the bus here. Amazing countryside - very green. Double road tunnels. Surf pounding - gray day. [Later] Not a great day. Seal swim cancelled due to weather. Hired wetsuit - swim best forgotten. Cadbury chocolate fish. Dog in a paper bag. Late swim, saved the day. Long chat with 2 girls from Sheffield and 1 tall dutch girl. Bodysurfed in the dark - moonless, black sand.

25/4 [Kaikoura NZ]
Anzac Day
Kaikoura Bay
Happy Hours as Usual
blowing a gale
of rain and hail
but dress strictly neat casual

WHALE WATCH CANCELLED. To Picton - amazing clouds around hills. Paua patties $1. Most of town seems to be made of Hardiplank.

15/8/95 Picnic? Walk on the domain. Saw a goose on the roof. Very foggy - drizzling. AMP Building. Man blowing nose + shining (?) combi van.

3/?/96 First group meeting Nick, Anna, Rob, Manuel, Chris. Agreed to stage show in Oct/Nov. Venue undecided. Gen. theme - whimsy. R wanted Tasmanian Whimsy but was shouted down. Sally to join if she wants - and 'approved' as suitably whimsical. All agreed we hate the word 'whimsical'.

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sally said...

Was that me?
If so I am touched to have been judged as appropriately whimsical... even though the word whimsical is, indeed, a suck-ass term.

In other news Rawfilm-Rafe has added me as a friend to his MSN messenger pal list. I don't know him. Is this actually you?

Have you stolen Rafe's identity?

I guess in a posted reply to your blog, is hardly ther appropriate place to discuss this...

Oh well... too late now...

Oh and I added you to my 'links' page...

You are one of the chosen few...