Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mr Sunshine

Hello all, I'm feeling bright, perky and gald to be alive! That's better isn't it? Thanks to everyone who gave me a slap around the head and cheered me up.

We finally had a weekend of fair to good weather, so we went to the beach three times. Nick and Anna, Lily and Katherine came by on Saturday morning and we took them for a walk down to Boronia Beach. Well, we drove to the top of the track, then we walked. Everyone agreed it's a beaut little beach, not least because there are shady trees along the back of it.

Later Marcus and I went for a long walk down to the main beach, right along to the rocks at the Browns River end, and home again. Elf and Michael came down to find us when Michael woke up from his nap. Elf was so confident she would find us she didnt take her house keys. They did not find us, Michael refused to walk, they struggled home and amused themselves in the backyard until Marcus and I returned. We took an extra long time as we had found some excellent rock pools and couldn't tear ourselves away from the crabs, seastars, anemones and sea snails. Also we had a swim, and Marcus's first encounter with reasonable size waves at a reasonable depth went very well. He was very brave (for him). I have 99% convinced him to have swimming lessons.

On Sunday we had a party in the Botanical Gardens for Marcus's mate Ruben (no E). That went off very well. Ruben is a big fan of the Cactus House, so that's where they had his party. Marcus is a big fan of the Antarctic House (actually sub-antarctic, as the mural painted around the wall includes a rabbit). It was realistically cold and windy in there.

In the afternoon we drove to the rock-pooly end of the beach (everyone was very tired) and showed our rockpools off to Elf and Michael. Marcus ran up and down the beach like a loon and had to swim again. I was feeling poorly and couldn't bring myself to. Whatever the weather, any way you slice it, the water here is very cold.

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