Friday, November 10, 2006

Lounge suits mandatory

I am off to Melbourne with my workmates shortly, to attend the ATOM Awards. I think it stands for Australian Teachers of Multimedia. We have seven nominations so I hope we will bring home a number of awards. I am suffering some kind of fluey thing, and plan to have a quiet and early night.

I had a terrible night's sleep, waking every 40 minutes. I was terribly cold all day yesterday, then terribly hot all night. The wierdest things is that a lot of old bumps, bruises and knocks from years ago returned to haunt me last night. I am alarmed to think these things don't go away, just subside and wait for the right virus or bacteria to thrust them into the limelight again.

My brain is working at about 3/4 pace, so I hope I am not required to make any sparkling conversation tonight.

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