Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boronia Beach

It's been a strange day. Repeated showers of hail all over town, and snow on the mountain in mid November. Its was 5° when Marcus and I drove past The Mercury on our way to swim (indoor, heated) at about 3.30. It's tentatively fined up this evening but still cold like the frozen-pizza-and-icecream aisle.

I've just been for a light post-dinner walk to the beach - Boronia Beach. Its beautiful! Very very small, hemmed in between rocky headlands. It is not far at all (I was there and back in 20 minutes) but there are a lot of steps down and, regrettably, back up. It takes some finding too, as you need to go down what seems to be a driveway for a ways before the gate and a sign appear on your right.

It is reputed to be a nude beach. I can honestly say I saw no clothes at all, but then I was the only one there. Hopefully if I continue taking walks on my own there I won't be arrested for lurking. I'll try to take a photo next visit.

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