Monday, November 06, 2006


On Saturday we walked with the boys the length of the beach to Browns River, and back again. I found a forked stick and dragged it behind me, making a "road" of two parallel lines. The boys followed it wherever it went, so I did loop-de-loops and wiggles and big curves. I exhausted myself first, of course.

There were lots and lots of yachts. The little sabots were flibbiting about with eight-year-olds at the helm. There were some bigger yachts with red sails, I think they are Lasers. It was very scenic. The Esplanade was lined with cars, but apart from the yachtsfolk there was scarcely anyone on the beach. Strange. People seem to drive to the beach, sit and eat chips and drive away again.

Mum reminded me on the phone last night that there is another little beach, that is actually a bit closer to our house. We will have to extend our explorations in that direction.

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